Texas Petition Strategies


The support we offer our clients. 

Areas of Support

Strategic Planning

Politics is a contact sport. No effort is successful without a well thought out plan that not only anticipates critical paths issues might take, but has already prepared contingency plans to deal effectively with each situation. The best plans are those that prepare for unplanned moments.

Effective Message


Communicating effectively requires effective message development. Polling and message development are essential elements of any plan and we have the team to develop your message and to achieve maximum exposure.

Petition Initiative and Referendum

TPS’s expertise in the field has no match. The group brings to the table the nationally recognized leader in petition initiative success and referendum approval. In addition, the Group and its Partners have experience in blocking referendums detrimental to our client’s interests.

Media Plan Social and Traditional

The public is bombarded every day with information to the point of overload. If you want your message to penetrate and you want those who support your message to activate, then utilizing all methods of communication are vital. Our group can design, implement, and maintain an aggressive media plan that incorporates all forms of communication: TV, radio, direct mail, phone solicitation, social and free media, including websites, Facebook, and Twitter.

Grassroots and Field Organization

Being able to mobilize the public-at-large (grassroots) or key influential community leaders (grass-tops), is the key to any successful strategy. A message without vocal public support is futile. A message backed by strong local support is unbeatable.

Leadership Training and Speakers Bureau

Regardless of background and qualifications, not everyone can make the transition from Boardroom to the Speaker’s Podium. We implement speaker’s trainings and briefings to help maximize key leader effectiveness in dealing with the press or public speaking. We also recruit and train other speakers to act as surrogates for the effort.